The Boutique Portrait Experience

Whatever the setting, wherever we should photograph you... there is only one thing I desire above any other thing; Your moments. Your honesty. Your connection. Who you are right now in this walk of life is enough. You are so worthy of having these beautiful and tangible images to place in your albums and adorn on your walls. These images, after all, are not only for you but your children and their children.

Creative session are for Family & Maternity Portraits.  My studio is a full service boutique studio which means I am here to guide you from the start of your session planning and wardrobe consultation to an in person reveal and ordering of the images in which I will assist you in making your selections and help you find the best possible way to enjoy your images for years to come!  

Why Digitals are not inclued and why are they so expensive?

I understand the need for digital.  I also believe photo books and wall art prints are always a great keepsake for loved ones. As a full service photographer, I offer high quality products including albums, canvases, and fine art prints. My job is to invest my time to create and collaborate with you so you have amazing images to display in your home. I invest in you, just as you invest in me.  I know we are all used to getting digitals with our session but the question is!  Do you ever have time to pick out your favorite images and get printed and displayed in our home or if you did? Did you end up with poor quality product?   My goal is to take the stressful part away from you and to help you select your favorite portrait images. I want you to walk away from the entire experience with amazing art pices  ready to hang up in your home and displayed for your family and friends to enjoy.  

**What you buy is entirely up to you.  There is minum or max purchase amount and there is no obligation to buy anything.

In order to book your session, I require that we do a pre-consulation meeting to go over your session.  At this time you will get to see the product that offer and the collections that you can choose to purchase.

Session fee includes the time and talent of Nichanh Nicole Photography, 1 hour session at an agreed upon location, 50+ hand crafted and artistically edited images presented in a private online gallery as well as a keepsake slideshow.

All prints/digitals are sold seperatly and can be purchased from one of my Four Popular Collections.

Collections start at $750 and include high resolution digital images for personal printing as well as shopping credits for boutique items.

My clients invests anywhere from $750-$2,500 which includes digitals, fine art prints, frames, canvases and custom albums. If you’re looking for a more detailed descriptions of each session, a full price/collection guide, and current open dates send me an email at info@nichanhnicolephotos.com



Sessions vary according to time.  Included with each fee is time + talent, a pre-consult, and an in-person reveal/ordering session.

Product pricing is available for clients during the pre-consult.  My average portrait client invests around $2500 for the entire experience; some more, some less. I offer a wide selection of wall art, digital images, and customized products such as albums and canvas wraps.

*Prices subject to change without notice. All pricing subject to California sales tax. Session Fees are due at time of booking.

Session pricing is for our time and talent only and does not include digitals. We have awesome collections to make the most out of your portrait investment. All of our collections include beautifully finished prints, and high-end post processing techniques to make sure we have you  looking your absolute best in all of your photos!

Booking your session is quick and easy. A simple online system will allow you to sign your contract and pay your session fee in a matter of minutes.  

Contact me soon to book your session


You have the options to purchase product with the package collection for great savings or choose to purchase individual product with the a la carte menu. What you choose to buy in entirely up to you.  You only purchase what you LOVE!  At the end, you make the final decision.    


There are no pose limitations (Each product you order can be a different photo).  With each image you purchase, we’ll give you a perfectly sized social media file for you to use on any of your profiles.  Digital and product starts at $175 and go up from there.  There are NO OBLIGATIONS to purchase anything and there are NO MINIMUM require purchases.


In addition to beautiful custom prints, I also offer gallery wrap canvases, metal prints, albums, as well as custom graduation announcements. I have so many amazing products to present your images!