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I am a visual artist, coffee lover, romantic nut and a day dreamer . I refer myself as an "introverted people person".  I love people, but I also really love that time to pipe down and get lost in my family so I can rekindle my engery.  I am a mama of three and  married to my best friend and amazing side kick- Ryan.  He is my greatest support and has given me the opportunity to do what I love and that is to capture the natural beauty of life and timeless memories. I love life, and spending time with my kids and hubby and that is and will always be enough to fill my heart with joy.  I truely adore authentic, raw emotions that comes from you being your own self.  I love Jesus, giving gift, encouraging others, looking for magic in the everyday, celebrating that everyone is imperfect and dancing to the beat of my own drum.

Are you ready to have fun and share these moments with me?

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